All About Closures

Are you in search of a way to protect all of your hair from heat damage while still achieving a natural appearance? Closures may be the route for you! A closure is a small hair unit used to cover the section of hair normally left out for a part.The key to slaying your extensions is to make them appear as natural as possible. Using a closure is beneficial because it conceals your hair completely, but still allows you to rock a natural part of your choice!  There are two different types of closures, lace and silk. Although they both serve the same purpose, there are still differences between them that are essential to keep in mind when choosing a closure.

Lace Closures

Lace Closures have a lace base and are normally flatter than silk closures. This thinner hair unit is able to lay closer to the scalp and thus give the appearance of a more natural hairline. The only drawback would be that the hair knots on the closure may have to be bleached in order to achieve the most natural look possible. Since the hair is tied into the tiny holes in the lace, the hair knots are sometimes visible if not bleached.

Silk Closures

Silk Closures have a silk base, with hair interwoven into a silk material. Silk closures have the benefit of looking skin-like an blending in well with the scalp. However, the problem with silk closures is that they tend to be bulky if not made correctly. The bulkiness makes the closure appear to be raised, thus not seamlessly blending with the natural hairline.

Regardless of what type of closure you believe will work best for you, it is always important to buy a quality, long lasting hair unit in order to ensure a natural appearance. Be sure to slay your style and shop Extend Your Styles’ closures on our website! New Year, New You, New Hair!

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